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Our story at Blackberry Alpacas

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Here at Blackberry Alpacas it all started with a chance conversation about what we could do with a few acres of land and a old barn we had. The thought of buying alpacas at the time seemed the craziest thing we had ever done, especially as we had no farming background. But how wrong we were. Alpacas have been the most wonderful life changing experience and almost certainly the best investment we have ever made.

Our herd descends from famous genetic lines from Australia / Europe and all of the stud males used are multi-winning champions.  Our philosophy is to breed animals that are large framed, have excellent conformation and produce a high yield of luxurious fleece. All our girls have proven ease of birthing, are highly fertile and excellent mothers.

We have decided to selectively breed black alpacas since, as the only naturally true black fibre, black alpaca has literally no competition.  Every single black garment you own or have seen has been chemically dyed unless it is black alpaca.

All of our fleeces are tested annually by AAFT but we also take small fleece samples quarterly and record lengths and diameter using specialist measuring equipment.

All of our alpacas are registered with the British Alpaca Society and have a 3 stage pedigree.

Blackberry Immortal Res Champion Brown Male

Blackberry Immortal Res Champion Brown Male



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