Alpaca Sales

The UK alpaca industry is growing exponentially and has taken great strides forward in the last 6 years, establishing itself as one of the most successful and profitable farming enterprises.  With burgeoning markets in Europe this is a very exciting time to get involved, particularly in the fastest growing sector – black alpacas.

“With no competition, black alpaca is the only natural fully black fibre and can produce luxurious blue black, undyed, hypoallergenic garments.”

As the largest dedicated breeder of black and brown alpacas in the north of the UK, with many years experience, we can guide you through every step of alpaca ownership, advise you on your farm set-up, help you select and find the right alpacas for you and teach you how to look after and be fully confident with your alpacas.  We have the time to let you be `hands-on` with our alpacas, getting to know and love these wonderful creatures as much as we do.

We are more than happy to continue supporting you as much or as little as you would like once our alpacas have become yours, with recommendations and advice for future matings, birthing, herd health and improving the quality and profitability of your alpacas and alpaca sales over time.

We will only sell alpacas that are right for you and your budget.

bb2Interested in starting with Alpacas?  Come and visit Blackberry Alpacas and get your hands on with our herd without any obligation. Whatever your budget we are sure we can help.

If you are looking for a “start up breeding herd” or just some adorable pets; we have the right animals for your requirements and budget.  With one of the largest herds of black and coloured alpacas in the UK we are sure we have the right alpacas for you!

All of our alpacas are vet inspected, fully vaccinated, halter trained and come with a free full day husbandry course that includes: handling, feeding, birthing, veterinary procedures, alpaca behaviour and general management plus full dedicated help and support.  

We currently have for sale:

  • Non Pregnant young females
  • Proven females
  • Pregnant females with cria at foot
  • Gelded and halter trained trekking/pet males
  • Amazing stud/proven males
  • Investment alpacas with buy back guarantee

with 12 month free livery on select alpacas.