The future’s black…

The UK alpaca industry is a fibre industry and alpacas are shorn once a year for their fleece.  They produce a luxurious natural fibre in a range of colours, from white through fawns and browns to jet black.  The majority of the alpaca world originally opted to breed lighter colours as they are easier to dye.

However, unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca does not need to be dyed to make a finished product as it is already a beautiful colour.  This means that as well as being wonderfully soft, alpaca can be natural and undyed, which only increases the value.  The minimum lanolin content in the fibre along with no need for dye means these alpaca garments are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. 

“Since alpaca is the only fully black luxurious natural fibre, it has literally no competition.”

Up to now, every single black garment that you own has gone through a synthetic chemical dying process.  Blackberry Alpacas and the Alpaca Alliance are changing this by concentrating exclusively on selectively breeding alpacas for continually improving fleece quality in jet black fibre.  We provide luxuriously soft alpaca fibre in a naturally blue-black colour for hypoallergenic, natural and fashionable garments that never fade in the sun or run in the wash.

Black is the fastest growing sector of the UK alpaca industry.  The Alpaca Alliance has the richest selection of coloured genetics in the UK and Europe and, with over 120 beautiful black female alpacas, can set up new alpaca breeders with some of the finest genetic lines in Europe.


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