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Black Alpacas

 We instantly fell in love with alpacas and believe you will too!


Blackberry Alpacas are located on a 200 acre farm just outside Laneshawbridge in the North West of England near the historic town of Skipton. We are now the largest dedicated breeder of black and brown alpacas in the north of the UK with many years experience we are now breeding some of the finest quality Alpacas currently available in the UK and Europe. Our selective breeding programme concentrates exclusively on breeding alpacas with amazing fleece quality and conformation.

At Blackberry Alpacas we have the time to let you be ‘hands-on’ with our alpacas. We can advise you on your farm set-up, help you select and find the right alpacas for you whatever your requirements, teach you how to look after and feel confident with your alpacas.

Most of all we want you to be successful and enjoy alpacas as much as we do.



Blackberry Alpacas