Blackberry alpacas


Our Story

For us at Blackberry Alpacas it all started 10 years ago with a chance conversation about what we could do with a few acres of land and an old barn we had. The thought of buying alpacas at the time seemed the craziest thing we had ever done, especially as we had no farming background.  But how wrong we were!  Alpacas have been the most wonderful life changing experience and certainly the best business investment we have ever made. 

We now run  two herds , Blackberry alpacas in the UK and the  Canchones alpacas  in Australia with our partner EP Cambridge, giving a joint herd size of over 800 black alpacas and the largest choice and diversity of genetics  in the wor

Thinking of Alpacas


Alpacas are easier to keep and softer on  your land than sheep, these environmentally friendly creatures are an exciting investment as well as being intelligent, friendly, curious and gentle creatures to work with. Alpacas are the ideal small acreage animal, producing a highly regarded luxury product for a growing market and enabling even those with only a few acres to run a successful business from their property. 

 The UK alpaca industry is growing exponentially and has taken great strides forward in the last 10 years, establishing itself as one of the most successful and profitable farming enterprises. With burgeoning markets in Europe this is a very exciting time to get involved in the industry. 

Help and Support


Here at the Blackberry we  provide 24/7 help and support for new alpaca owners all across the UK and Europe. 

We have the time to let you be ‘hands-on’ with our alpacas, getting to know and love these wonderful creatures as much as we do. We can advise you on your farm set-up, help you select and find the right alpacas for you - whatever your requirements - and teach you how to look after and feel confident with your alpacas. We are more than happy to continue supporting you as much or as little as you would like once our alpacas have become yours. We love to visit and see how our girls are getting on and give you any advice or support you need with matings, birthing, weaning and all the big events in an alpaca’s life!